Business Feature - Stanted House

The exquisite and charming Stanted House in Renmark is a whimsical wonderland of manicured lawns, polished garden beds and period features. Built in 1914, this stunning homestead has been masterfully preserved and tastefully restored with the allure beginning the moment you pass through the gates. A seemingly ancient jacaranda tree towers the entrance to the estate; which opens onto a lawn so crisp and green you find yourself suppressing the urge to rip your shoes off and frolic childishly. Hand crafted garden beds bursting with colour will have you fantasising about the various ceremony locations, and the stonework canvasing the cottage will remind you of the backdrops you see in bridal magazines.

The property has a delightful range of both ceremony and reception locations giving you the option to hold your entire wedding in the single location. A wall of well established olive trees shelter the estate giving you a very private and exclusive setting whilst adding to the ambiance of your very own secluded garden - which, by the way, makes for some truly stunning photo opportunities.

We can only use so many superlatives to describe Stanted House in Renmark, it may be best for you to jump on the phone, make an appointment and let this place speak for itself!