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Jaren Jericho (+)
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"The first time I picked up a camera I was absolutely captivated - the only option was film. You can image how happy my Mum was when I converted the family bathroom into me very own darkroom.

30 years, a husband, 4 kids and a Labrador later and I'm still captivated and taking photos. I'm a lucky girl! 

For me photography is not just about a photo but a moment. It's about capturing unique emotions and telling your story. From the euphoric moment you take your partners hand, to the sparkle in the eyes of two newlyweds sharing a blissfully intimate first dance - these are the moments you see just once but want to remember forever.

20 years as a professional photographer means I have seen it all! Missing bridesmaids, monsoonal weather, you name it. But I've found that crazy circumstances aren't something to be feared - they're simply part of your story, your very own unique story.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Let's write you a book."

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