About Us

About Us

So you're planning your dream wedding. You grab your latte, take a seat at the dining table and open your laptop. Where to start? VENUES!!

Google's got this, surely? Not quite.

After sifting through half a dozen tourism sites, wedding blogs and outdated dot coms, you think, this has got to be easier.

Well, good news. It is.


...to Riverland Wedding, the Riverlands own Wedding Bible.

Here, we have compiled a list of our regions best, most creative and innovative wedding vendors and jammed them into a platform so beautiful it will make you weep.

From woolsheds and wineries to rose gardens and country clubs, the Riverland has an enormous range of world class venues.

From luxury houseboats to private pools - you will find accomodation here like nothing you've ever seen before.

Make no mistake, This is a collaboration of the regions finest.

If you're planning a wedding in the Riverland, you've just found your maid of honour.